Do you make the sheets?

Yes! Right here in Littleton, Colorado. And, there are three other ladies that sew sheets for you.

Why 100% Cotton Is Better?

TEXTURED: Cotton is soft. Cotton fibers are naturally convoluted, or bulked. This serves to trap air within the fabric structure. The air contained between fibers and within them, gives thermal insulation: protection from heat in summer and cold in winter.

HYPOALLERGENIC: This means a low tendency to cause allergic reactions. Cotton's uses in the medical arena are well known: swabs, gauze, and other bandage products. Cotton fabrics are often recommended for people having skin allergies. Cotton towels, bedding and baby clothes have all been promoted on the basis of the hypoallergenic nature of cotton.

DURABILITY: Cotton stands up to abrasion and wears well. Cotton can stand high temperatures and takes dyes easily. Chlorine bleach can be used to restore white garments to a clear white (bleach may yellow or remove color in dyed cottons.) Boiling and sterilizing temperatures can also be used on cotton without disintegration. Cotton is lint free.

DISADVANTAGES OF POLYESTER: Polyester has static cling. Stains in polyester are hard to remove. It holds body heat and doesn't breath like cotton does. Therefore it doesn't allow you to stay cool in the summer. It will get balls of lint that will stick to the fabric giving it a "ratty" look. Polyester stretches and does not retain it's shape and becomes sloppy looking.

What is the difference between the different styles of cot sheets?

There are different manufacturers of cots and the different styles require a sheet that is unique to that style. It is important that you order the right sheet for your cots in order to have a good fit.

What if I don’t see my particular mat/cot/mattress size?

Just email or call with your exact dimension (length, width, thickness) and I will be happy to price and make the item for you. (owner@sheetsunlimited.com or (303) 842- 4314)

Do you make sheets for the Play Yard?

Yes, but since there are different mat sizes you will need to send me the dimensions – length, width and thickness and I can quote you a price.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders ship within 24 hours of receiving them. If it is a very large order it may take a few days before it can be shipped. If you are in a bind please call and I am sure we can work something out so you get your sheets when you need them.

What is “Standard Shipping?”

I ship the most economical way, which is usually Priority with the USPS.

Is there a breaking point in shipping?

Yes. I can usually pack 25 sheets into a Medium Flat Rate box or a Regional B Box and up to about 40 sheets in a Large Flat Rate Box.

How do I wash and dry my sheets?

Because the sheets are made from 100% cotton they will shrink if washed hot or dried on a hot cycle. So please wash in cold or warm water and dry on a very low heat.

How do I sanitize the sheets if I can’t wash in hot water?

I asked the same question of Dr. Laundry on the Clorox website. Here’s the response. For sanitizing in both standard and HE washers, add ½ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach along with your regular detergent. This is effective in "cold" water (65F to 85F).

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, but the website does a horrible job of estimating the postage so you will need to contact me with what you want to order and where it will be shipped. I will give you an estimate of shipping and let you decide if you want to place an order. If you do, we will have to handle the order via email or on the phone.