Poly/Cotton Crib and Cot Sheets – Only One Color


Up until now all of my sheets have been made from, 100% cotton.  I am now offering sheets (crib and cot) made from, a light colored lime green that is 65% poly and 35% cotton twill.  This fabric has a few advantages – it is a little heavier than my regular cotton, it will not shrink and it is stain resistant.  I only have it in one color and when it is gone it is gone…………..the good news is that I have a lot of it.

The sheets are made the same with a 3/4 inch elastic at each corner that slip around the cot legs.  Crib sheets are made with an elastic band around the perimeter of the sheet.

Right now we are just getting our inventories built – we plan on having all of our products available in this fabric for those that want this option.  If you do not see the product that you want just email me at owner@sheetsunlimited.com.   I will be happy to make you what you want.

Just so you know, I have washed a piece of this fabric a dozen times and it looks good as new only a little softer.


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Standard Universal, Toddler Universal, Standard Spaceline, Toddler Spaceline, Standard Community Playthings, Toddler Community Playthings, 24x38x3 crib, 24x38x5.5 crib, 24x48x2 Pocket Sheet


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